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Making the focal point of your room and beautifully complimenting your furniture, area rugs are an important part of your interior décor. IWhile smaller in size when compared to carpeting, the beauty it adds to your room is magnificent. Available... area rugs enhance the aesthetic of your room. As with any floor covering, be sure to get your area rugs cleaned and repaired regularly.
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Deep Cleaning of Area Rugs

It’s important to periodically have your rugs cleaned for many reasons. Even though they can be hard to see, things like pet dander, microscopic bugs, bacteria and food particles can settle in your rugs, but it also helps remove all the dirt and allergens that tend to accumulate over time. Dirty area rugs are known to be hotbeds for dust, germs, allergens, pet dander, rotting food crumbs, tiny bugs and bacteria. When cleaned regularly, you and your family can avoid respiratory issues and asthma- illnesses that can be triggered by the presence of these irritants.

With free pick up and delivery, Area Rug Masters is the convenient and trusted choice for your cleaning needs. Our state- of- the- art rug plant and trained cleaning professionals use the best methods. technology, equipment and products to care for your area rugs. Best of all- we offer complete customer satisfaction and affordable pricing!

We Exceed Expectations

At Area Rug Masters, we understand your rugs are an investment, and you expect the very best when it comes to their care. Our team of highly-skilled, experienced, well-trained professionals are committed to your complete satisfaction, exceeding your expectations every time. We take pride in every job we do, delivering quality results and excellent customer service.

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Revive and Repair Rugs

Area Rug Masters doesn't just clean your rugs- we can revive and renew them, too. If your area rugs are showing signs of wear and tear, let our trained technicians bring them back to life!

Our experienced craftsmen will source the yarn, splicing them into the surrounding fabric to rebuild the damaged area. We can repair or replace damaged fringe, resulting in a seamless finish. When our team of experts are done, your area rug will look and feel brand new again!

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