March 14, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Restoration and Cleaning of Carpet Fringes

carpet fringes

Carpet fringes give your rug an exotic and aesthetic look. But things can quickly change as the rug ages. Without regular cleaning, the tassels on the rim can start unraveling, discoloring, fraying, or shedding.

And when the carpet fringes discolor or become yellow or brown with dirt, it can make your entire carpet look dingy. A filthy-looking carpet can also spoil the appearance of an otherwise perfect room. And you know what is worst? It is easy for the fibers dangling on the edges to become dirty.

Wool, which makes up your rug’s face, is well suited to hide dirt and dust. It’s layers of cuticles do the job of hiding dirt and grime perfectly well. However, the foundation of the rug comprises cotton fiber.

The cotton makes up the fringes as well. And unlike wool, cotton allows the dust to settle on the strands because there is no place to hide it. And, no you cannot simply cut down the danglers!

In a hand-woven rug, the fringe tassels extend the wool or silk fiber that makes up the rag’s face. Thus, each strand is part of the rug’s skeleton. Therefore, you are directly harming the carpet by cutting off the tassels.

Carpet Restoration

Although it is possible to avoid such situations by regular cleaning, there are times when the fringes get damaged beyond the scope of cleaning. But, you can save your carpet and return it to its glory days by a systematic restoration process.

You can restore the carpet fringes by trimming the damaged portion. But while cutting, make sure to do it evenly and without damaging the knot. You can also hide the damaged dangles underneath the carpet by using musk tapes. The third option is to replace the damaged fringes.

These are technical jobs, and therefore you need professionals to handle them dexterously. Professionals from Area Rug Masters are trained and can clean, diagnose, and restore the fringes that need repair.

Professional Cleaning Fringe Tassels- The Best Care

It is said that prevention is the best care. The same goes for your fringe tassels. Let’s talk about the best way to clean the tassels. No, you cannot use a robot vacuum as the tassels can get tangled in the machine’s teeth and cause abrasions. The vacuums would also not suck out the deep-seated silica dust within the rug fibers.

But, no need to get exasperated so soon! Rug fringe cleaning is a delicate task that experts should be left to handle. Experts from top rug cleaning companies, like Area Rug Masters, can the perfect tools and techniques to efficiently accomplish the job.

Along with using cleaning solutions that are gentle yet effective, they also have the best technique to clean your rugs inside out and from fringe to fringe. Ruffles cleaned by these experts are not likely to break easily and boast a long life. Thus, the experts from rug cleaning companies appear to be the best resources for cleaning carpet with fringe

Regular Carpet Fringe Cleaning

Although you can get the help of professional cleaners once in a while, it might not be feasible to call upon experts now and then. So, it is better to note some home cleaning tips that you can use between professional visits.

As said earlier, it is better not to use a vacuum cleaner for the job. So, instead of vacuuming the carpet, you should be using soft bristles for the job. Before starting the cleaning process, place a plastic tarp below the rug. Now use a soft-bristled brush to loosen and remove excess dirt and grime. Now dip a sponge into a solution of ammonia in warm water.

Rinse the sponge and use it to clean the fringes. You can also use a soft cloth dipped in a vinegar solution to clean the fringe fibers. However, these simple tips do not always yield the best results. Sometimes the grime is too stubborn, or the threads are already damaged. In these cases, you can damage the fibers by home-cleaning them.

Further, the exercise can be futile as the dirt is too stubborn to remove by gentle cleaning methods. In these cases, you need experts to clean the carpet with fringes.

Final words

The tassels at the fringes of carpets add to their aesthetic appeal and make them look exotic. But the fibers at the edges can quickly become dirty and make your carpet look ugly.

You can, however, use a soft brush to remove the dirt and dust. After that, you can use a cloth moistened with ammonia water to clean the edges. But, sometimes, these home tricks are not enough and can do more damage.

Therefore, you need occasional visits by rug fringe cleaners to get the cleaning job done with dexterity. Professionals can even help restore damaged fringe tassels in the fringes. Want to know more or give your carpets, including the carpet fringes, a thorough clean? Connect now!