July 28, 2020

Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Clean Up After The Holidays

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, everyone waits all year round for the holiday season. Apart from the fun and gifts, who doesn’t like to have a happy time with their family and friends. But don’t you dread the time it gets over and you are left with a house to clean? Bringing back your home in shape is quite a tedious task, and until done, it won’t let you have your coffee in peace. But here are some ways you can clean up after the holidays.

Deep Clean After Houseguests Leave

Clean all the surfaces around the house, especially under the sofa, bed, fridge, rugs, etc. Vacuum the carpets and floor. Wash all your linens- sheets, pillow covers, towels. And finally, clean the refrigerator. Clear it out of all the leftovers.

Take off the Christmas Tree

It’s essential to know how to clean up after Christmas. Pack away the Christmas tree carefully. If you do it well, you would be able to use it next year and save some money. Moreover, if you get sap from the tree all over washable clothing and knit gloves, you can use rubbing alcohol to scrub it off. If the stains remain, you can pour some rubbing alcohol in the area and let it sit for a minute before washing them. You can repeat the process till the stains go, but ensure the clothes are clean before using the dryer as the heat can set the stains.

Clean the carpet, rugs, and furniture

Would it not be like a nightmare if a kid were to throw up on your beautiful rug? Well, the sooner you clean, the better. You must know how to clean throw up off a rug, or you are going spoil that expensive rug of yours. First, mildly rub the area and clean up with paper towels. Then, sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch over the place and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Allow the powder to soak up the extra moisture. Vacuum the baking soda as much as possible, and it will remove all the vomit from your rug.

If you find any spot, mix warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid and spray it over the stain. Pat it with a towel and repeat till it’s gone. Then wipe off with a towel dipped in clean water and pat dry with another towel. Fluff the fibers and allow them to dry. If you find this too complicated or tiring, contact a professional carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning expert.

Clean the carpet, rugs, and furniture

Don’t Hoard, Get Rid of Old Things

Christmas is a season of gifts. Surely, you got many of them too. Do you now have two of the same things at home? Well, it’s time to let go of the old. You don’t want too many things crowding your house. So you may either dispose of old ones or donate them. If you have kids who got loads of new toys, pack some of the old ones away and bring them out on rotation. That way, you will keep their interest alive and keep the mess under control.

Cleaning up after the holidays is a very tiresome job, but once done, it will give you a reason to relax and have that cup of coffee in peace. Call Area Rug Masters today to have us help with your post-holiday cleaning needs!