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Carpets are a part of home decor. A clean and flawless carpet gives the living space a sense of comfort and makes the aura welcoming. However, carpets also slowly build up layers of dust, dirt, debris, hair, and food crumbs that get stuck to the fibers that choke the health out of your carpet. Therefore, it contaminates your indoor living conditions. What you need to maintain the habitable environment of your home are reliable carpet protector services. The experts at Area Rug Masters, not only clean your rugs but also use the best fabric protector. So, once you get your carpets back, they’ll be as good as new and they will stay in shape for a longer time.

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If your carpets are crying for help, we might be able to help you! If you think vacuuming your sofa, chairs, carpet, and rugs every day is enough, think again!

Carpets are woven rugs that use fabric. They are subjected to footfalls, pet drool, and waste at times, soil, etc. Moreover, years of use also play a role in the wear and tear of the carpets. Unattended wet carpets may be a perfect breeding ground for mold. Gradually, you may also notice the house filling up with foul odor. This should be an indicator that you need rug protection services at the earliest.

Cleaning carpets is a must but is doing a DIY recommended? The real dirt is settled deep into the fibers, and only professional cleaning can flawlessly clean your precious carpet while protecting its fabric. At Area Rug Masters, we not only ensure your carpets and sofas are perfectly clean, but we also use top-quality fiber protectors to give them a longer life. Contact a professional fabric protection service to keep the carpet well maintained without any tear.

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We are professional carpet cleaners and are a family-owned business. Professional carpet cleaning is a job that needs skill and carpet know-how. Cleaning your precious carpet is not only about washing it using our fabric protector. Our carpet cleaning services are provided by trained and experienced cleaners who know the best way to ensure that your carpet is in good hands.

Here is an outline of how we go about our carpet cleaning jobs.

Inspection by IICRC experts:
We begin the process by inspecting your carpet to make sure that we know your carpet needs. Any wear and tear, discoloration, mold growth, bug infestation, etc., are noted down. Our IICRC certified specialists will run a close survey of the carpet to spot the slightest problem to thoroughly understand your carpet's condition.
Sharing notes:
We ensure that before we take on the cleanup job, you know the carpet's condition. This will also help in understanding the cleaning process as we make plans later.
Planning the cleanup:
We shall lay out the cleanup plan for you, which will give you a precise idea of what we shall be doing in the process.
The cleanup:

Our job begins with vacuuming the carpet to ensure that the top layer of dust is off the rug. We then proceed to use carpet protector spray. This is called an emulsifier and the role of such fabric protectors is to soften the fabric and protect them from wear and tear.

The goal here is to let the cleaning agent get soaked into the carpet. We then wash the carpet thoroughly to get the dirt and the stains out. If stubborn stains remain, we use hands to get the remaining bit of stains out too.
Once the carpet is washed and cleaned, we dry the carpet in a controlled environment. The final look of the washed and cleaned carpet will be sparking new and fluffy.

We provide complete carpet cleaning services, including the use of good-quality fiber protectors. We take care of the repairs too so that when we hand over the carpet to you, you will appreciate our work and your decision to get a professional cleaning job done by us.


Area Rug Masters provides Steam cleaning & fabric protection services and then some?

At Area Rug Masters, we understand how precious your carpets are for you. Therefore, carpet protection is always our priority. We pride ourselves on being the best carpet cleaning service at affordable prices. Our services cover everything from cleaning the stains to bug infestations, repairing any wear and tear, odor removal, and giving your carpet back looking and feeling new. Yet our prices are pocket-friendly and worth every penny you spend on the carpet cleanup.