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What Does Our
Professional Rug Washing Company Specialize in?

There are an array of reasons why it is always better to hire a professional rug washing company for the regular upkeep of your rugs and carpets. There are certain fabrics that demand proper and regular area rug dry cleaning. These are often very expensive fabrics and it is not worth risking any kind of damage. That is why a professional rug washing company is so important.

Our Gainesville rug cleaning team specializes in:

Oriental Rug Cleaning
We help you preserve the timeless beauty of the most exquisite oriental rugs, with specifically designed cleaning and drying methods.
Persian Rug Cleaning
Extend the lifespan of your Persian rugs with our complete range of rugs and carpet care focused on heavy fabrics.
Wool Rug Cleaning
We take extra care to prevent wool rugs from damage or any kind. We use special shampoos to keep the material soft and pristine.
Silk Rug Cleaning
Our crew handles silk rugs with additional care, honouring the delicate nature of this regal fabric. Our cleaning methods for silk rugs are also unique.
Area Rug and Fringe Repair
We also excel at the repair of all kinds of area rugs and their fringes. We identify problems at their root to begin a more effective repair process.
Rug Fringe Cleaning
If your rugs have dirty fringes entwined in an unsightly mass, our crew is always there to the rescue.
Stain Removal

Stain Removal

No matter how stubborn a stain is, our team of area rug cleaners will ensure that the surface is spotless when you get you rugs back.
Odor Removal

Odor Removal

We use super effective and safe methods to get rid of old and highly stubborn odors that might be trapped in your rug fibres.

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