June 24, 2022

A Few Simple Tips on How to Clean an Oriental Rug at Home

how to clean an Oriental rug at home

High-quality rugs and spreads are much more than merely expensive objects; they come with an inherent value that is immeasurable in monetary terms. Most of these rugs are very old and are passed down as family heirlooms. The question is how to clean an oriental rug at home so that it continues to retain its intricate threadwork and tapestry.
To understand that and use DIY methods wisely, you must know a little more about these rugs.

Is cleaning oriental rugs at home possible?

Yes, it is eminently possible if you avoid a few pitfalls. These shortcomings will come down if you keep the following information in mind:
● Most oriental rugs, especially those which were imported to the United States, were originally handmade in Iran, Iraq, and other areas of the Middle East. Since they were handmade, their thickness is legendary.
● These rugs were infused with natural dyes, making it a tricky proposition when it comes to oriental carpet cleaning using DIY techniques.
Since most cleaning agents are alkaline, they might damage the aesthetic value of these fantastic pieces of art.
● Finally, these rugs are more often than not made of silk and cotton. You will have to pay special attention to these key elements before you begin.

How to clean an oriental rug at home?

Here is a list of steps that you can follow to ensure that your precious rugs and carpets look smart & fresh after every cleaning session.
1. First, use a vacuum cleaner to remove embedded bits and pieces of flotsam and other debris. The vacuum should be used at its lowest power level and should have a beater bar.
This attachment produces significant vibration on the rug surface which forces out the debris and dirt that are hiding beneath the upper layers.
Once the dirt particulates are shaken free, they will be sucked up rapidly. For the best rug cleaning results, always remember to decrease the suction force of the machine.
2. If your rug is too old and has not been taken care of for a lengthy period, ditch the vacuum and use a hard-bristled brush. Wipe the surface using this brush but be gentle; thereafter, use an ordinary broom to pack up the dirt particulates in Ziplock bags so that they do not come back.
Pro tip: Do you have enough outdoor space to shake down the rug? If you’re that lucky, you can use the old-fashioned way to clean the rug by beating and shaking it thoroughly.
3. Spray cold water on the rug’s surface, both the topside and the hidden one. Remember that you should always try and keep a tab on the layer underneath the surface- the one which touches the ground. They are usually the first to show layers of dirt and even mold infestation.
4. Buy a branded rug shampoo with very neutral pH levels (a similar detergent powder will do fine too) and mix it with lukewarm water. Once the lather forms, simply use a sponge to spread it across the surfaces, starting with the bottom layer.
To avoid cleaning your oriental rug every few months, ensure that this lather remains on the surfaces for half an hour at the least.
That said, if the rug is too old and is almost coming apart, use the lather for not more than 10 minutes.
5. Rinse thoroughly using a high-speed water spray. Once the entire rug seems clean and shining, repeat step 4.
On this second instance, the water-shampoo mixture should not remain in touch with the rug for more than 15 minutes. Use a brush to gently clean the edges where most of the dirt coalesces. A squeegee can also be very handy.
6. The last step is drying the rug. This is a critical step and this is where most people go wrong. Place the wet (and slowly-drying rug) under direct sunlight if possible. That should not be too big a problem since you are in Florida, right?
Else, please use a well-ventilated space and place the rug with the lower surface facing up. Reverse the rug once that part is dried.
Unsure if these steps will work? Try out a professional oriental rug cleaning agency.

A few more tips on how to clean an oriental rug at home!

Here are a few hacks for a cleaner rug.
✔ Is there a musky odor emanating from the rug? Use common talcum powder, keep it on for an hour, and vacuum!
✔ You can use White Vinegar and baking soda to get rid of stains.
✔ Always carry out a patch test before starting any DIY cleaning method.
✔ Finally, never steam-clean these rugs. It destroys the material.