August 16, 2021

How to Maintain Outdoor Rugs and Prevent Molding

how to maintain outdoor rugs

Knowing how to maintain outdoor rugs is important to ensure that these colorful decorative pieces remain appealing. It’ll be challenging for you to impress friends and family if the outdoor rugs on your deck or patio are full of mold.

If you want to learn how to keep outdoor rugs from molding, continue reading this article. This will provide tips on how you can clean your outdoor rugs and prevent them from molding.

1.   Invest In High-Quality Padding

To prevent mold and maintain the appearance of your outdoor rugs, invest in high-quality padding with anti-microbial properties. This padding will not only add softness to your outdoor rugs; they also have moisture barriers that can prevent liquid from spreading to different sections of your outdoor rugs.

Padding for your outdoor rugs is expensive, but making this investment today will surely be worth it in the long run!

2.   Never Allow Standing Water

When your outdoor rugs are often exposed to water, expect that molds will eventually develop. To prevent this from happening, never allow standing water around your outdoor rugs. If there are any leaks or spills on your deck or patio, make sure to fix the problem and dry the surface right away.

Whenever your outdoor rugs are wet, leave them under the sun for a few hours to complecalltoy dry. Never place them on your deck or patio if they are still wet or if the floors of your outdoor space are still moist.

3.   Clean Smart

Even if you have easy care outdoor rugs, you still need to clean them regularly. This is important to maintain the appearance of your outdoor rugs, extend their lifespan, and prevent molds from developing over time.

However, cleaning outdoor rugs isn’t just about vacuuming for a couple of minutes. Your outdoor rugs are exposed to debris outdoors and harsh weather conditions, which is why you need to clean smart all the time.

Here’s how you can properly clean your outdoor rugs:

  • Firmly hold the corners of your outdoor rug and powerfully shake it. This is a great way to remove crumbs, dirt, and other debris from your outdoor rug.
  • Always vacuum your outdoor rug to keep dust and stains at bay. Make sure to vacuum both sides of your outdoor rugs to loosen any type of debris.
  • Sweep your low pile or flatweave rugs regularly to maintain their appearance.

4.   Store Your Rugs During Wet Seasons

Your outdoor rugs can bring new life to your deck and patio, but these pieces aren’t weather-proof. Exposing your outdoor rugs to heavy rains for long periods of time will eventually result in mold growth.

To protect your outdoor rugs from mold, store them during the wet season. Roll your outdoor rugs, cover them with a plastic tarp, hold them together using bungee cords, and store them indoors. Once spring starts, you can display your fresh-looking outdoor rugs again!

5.   Use the Right Tools

Sudden downpours are not new. Regardless of where you live, you can’t always predict when it’ll start to rain or how long it’s going to last.

If you failed to store your outdoor rugs in time, use the right tools to dry them. You can use your air-conditioner and large fans to dry your outdoor rugs if sunlight isn’t available. Don’t forget to use all-purpose cleaners to eliminate fungus that can cause mold from your outdoor rugs.

6.   Inspect Other Pieces of Furniture

Even if your outdoor rugs are dry all the time, mold can still thrive in them if you place them beneath or near wet pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that outdoor furniture can also develop mold, especially if these are made from wood or exposed to moisture.

Regularly inspect other pieces of furniture in your deck or patio, and assess if there are any visible signs of mold. If you can see any, keep them away from your outdoor rugs to prevent the spread of the fungus.

Hire Professionals

You can only do so much when it comes to maintaining outdoor rugs on your own. There will be instances where DIY solutions aren’t enough to clean outdoor rugs. This is especially true if your outdoor rugs have been exposed to different elements for years.

For your outdoor rugs to remain clean and mold-free, opt to hire a rug washing company, like Area Rug Masters. Our rug cleaning services include odor, stain, and complete bacteria removal, as well as residue-free drying. We also offer rug repair services to extend the lifespan of these decorative pieces.

Work with our team today by contacting us at (352) 448-5999 or through You can also receive a cleaning estimate after filling out this form.