August 3, 2021

How to Professionally Clean a Wool Rug

how to professionally clean a wool rug

A wool rug can significantly improve the ambiance of any room on your property, but keep in mind that its fibers can trap dirt that can attract microorganisms. Knowing how to professionally clean a wool rug is crucial to ensure that it doesn’t harbor germs and bacteria.

The cleanliness of your wool rugs affects the sanitation of your property and the health of its occupants, which is why you should clean them regularly. Clean wool rugs will make you breathe easier and enjoy an aesthetic view indoors!

If you want to clean your wool rug, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prep the Wool Rug by Removing Any Loose Dirt

Because of their fibers, wool rugs tend to trap dust, dirt, and other residue over time. This is especially true if you place your wool rugs in high-traffic areas on your property.

When cleaning wool rugs, start by removing loose dirt. You can do this by taking your wool rugs outside, hanging them over a sturdy clothesline, and using a rug beater to shake off any excess dirt. If you’re cleaning a smaller wool rug, give it a good shake or flap it against a railing.

Step 2: Vacuum the Wool Rug

After removing dust and dirt from your wool rugs, take them back inside and lay them on the ground. Next, grab a reliable vacuum cleaner and run it at least three times over each side of your rug. If you have thicker wool rugs, run your vacuum cleaner more.

When using a vacuum cleaner, select the appropriate setting to avoid damaging the fibers of your wool rugs. Ideally, you should only use a vacuum cleaner that uses suction power as this is safer.

Step 3: Damp Your Wool Rug Using a Sponge

In this step, you will need to prepare two buckets of cold water, two sponges, and one cap of gentle cleaner. Fill one of the buckets with cold water, and then the other should have a mixture of cold water and a gentle cleaner.

If you haven’t cleaned your wool rugs using a gentle cleaner in the past, test out the solution first by rubbing it on one area of the wool rug. Then, allow the solution to sit on your rug for about five minutes and check if the colors start to bleed.

If the solution doesn’t cause any bleeding, you can proceed to dip the sponge in the cleaning solution. Don’t forget to wring out your sponge before using it on your rug. Your sponge should be damp and not excessively wet. Your goal is to damp your wool rugs when cleaning but not wet them as this will require more time and effort to dry.

When damp cleaning, start from one corner to the other or divide your wool rugs into different sections. Make sure that your strokes with the sponge are moving in the direction of the piles of your rugs, not against them.

After you damp the entire surface using a sponge, repeat the process using the other sponge dipped in cold water. This aims to remove any excess or loose soap on the rug.

Step 4: Allow The Rug To Dry

To dry your wool rug after the sponge cleaning, place several paper towels on the surface. This soaks up excess moisture, allowing it to dry faster.

If the climate in your area is warm enough, you can take your rug outside to dry. However, if the weather doesn’t permit, you can use large fans to dry it indoors. Make sure to place several items underneath your wool rug (such as a chair or box) or put it against the wall. This will improve the airflow around your rug and expedite the drying process.

Hiring Professionals Is Still the Best Way To Go

Cleaning wool rugs requires a lot of time and effort — resources that most people don’t have. People usually have a lot on their plates, making it hard for them to find the time to properly clean their wool rugs.

If you don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge, hire a wool rug cleaning service like Area Rug Masters. Professional cleaners can revive the condition of your wool rugs, preserve their colors, remove stains and odors, and reduce the effects of wear and tear.

Hiring professional rug cleaners is the best way to clean a wool rug because they only use high-quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure that they receive the cleaning they deserve. They can steam clean any wool area rug safely without damaging the fibers or ruining its colors!

Work With Area Rug Masters Today!

DIY cleaning is always an option for your wool rugs, but this doesn’t warrant the best or long-lasting results. In some cases, using the wrong cleaning product or technique will only damage your wool rugs.

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