August 9, 2022

A Guide to How to Remove Dog Vomit from Wool Carpets

dog vomit on wool carpet

Owning a pet dog is one of the biggest joys of life. However, it can also pose a few problems that require your attention urgently. For example, your pets will sometimes get sick and might throw up on your favorite wool rug. You need to know how to remove dog vomit from wool carpets.
Pet vomit can be very unsightly and can damage your expensive carpets dirty. Occasionally, there might also be a pretty pungent smell that accompanies it.
If you are looking for homemade solutions while researching how to clean dog vomit from carpets, this post is for you!
Besides, many people from all across the United States visit experts in selling carpets and wool rugs with identical problems – how to get dog vomit out of carpets!
Unless it is a major spill, it is possible to use DIY methods to clean your precious carpets.

A word of caution before you start

Do remember that several types of spills also resemble the regurgitation of animals. Sometimes, solid foods, custards, and even viscous materials can leave behind the same marks.
This essentially means that before you focus on how to get dog throw up out of carpets, you’ll have to inspect the affected area. Generally, the vomit will have a disturbing odor (but not always), have a yellowish color due to the bile content, and might even contain large numbers of worms that are tiny but visible.
Please note that if there is presence of long and white worms, it indicates that your pet dog probably has some sort of infection – a parasitic one. It is a good idea to see a vet immediacalltoy.

How to get dog puke out of carpets

These are the steps which you need to follow.

    • You will require a set of high-quality latex gloves that fit tightly since you might have to scrap a portion of the excrement. The gloves protect your hands from coming into contact with harmful bacteria and the acidic bile which is certain to be present.
    • You will have to get rid of the extra mound of vomit before you can actually start the cleaning of the wool rug itself. While using a clean and soft piece of cloth does the trick pretty well, it might be disgusting to many people. What you need is a wooden spatula or even an old metal tablespoon: these household items will allow you to remove the excreta without damaging the fiber of the rug.
      Know that when it comes to how to remove dog vomit from wool carpets, you must always avoid sharp metallic objects. Steel wool is also to be strictly avoided since it causes more harm than good.
    • To further clean and soak up the extra amount, you must take an old towel and cover the affected area with it. Here, you also have the option of using paper towels which do the job equally well and are instantly disposable.
      Rug and antique carpet experts who have commented and written about how to clean dog vomit from carpets have pointed out that it is best not to use any sort of detergent at this stage. You must simply ensure that the towel you are using is clean and dry; else, there will be a new set of problems altogether.
    • Keep in mind that vomit sticks to most surfaces, and wool carpets are definicalltoy one of them. This is where you will need about 500ml of warm water. Pour the water all over the area which you had cleaned in the previous step but make sure not to soak the entire space. Warm water counters the acidic nature of the vomit (from the bile) and renders the area neutral, making it easy to clean.
      If you ever ask a professional rug cleaner about how to get dog vomit out of carpets, you’ll probably receive advice on using enough absorbing tissue paper to prevent the pooling of water. Besides, adding white vinegar to the warm water also helps in some cases!
    • This is where you use baking soda to not only remove the extra moisture caused by the pouring of water but also the pungent odor that is a hallmark of such disasters. Overusing baking soda is a bad idea – keep it on the surface for a maximum of 10 minutes.
      Absorbing the moisture creates lumps of white powder. These can be removed by vacuuming.
    • This is the penultimate stage where you use a mild detergent mixed with hydrogen peroxide and club soda and pour it over the stain. Never use bleach-based cleaning agents as they damage the rug. Do not use too much water either. Let the detergent work for about 30 minutes and then wash off with ordinary tap water.

It is advisable to let the clean rug dry naturally even though it will take more time. Using handheld heaters or blow-dryers is not recommended.
These are the broad steps. If the carpet is still unclean and the odor still present, it is better to hire a local wool rug cleaning agency. Their professionals will have a much better idea about how to remove dog vomit from wool carpets!