September 25, 2020

How to Repair A Hole in A Rug: Tips and Hacks by Seasoned Experts

How to Repair A Hole in A Rug

Many factors can cause holes in your beautiful area rugs. But just because your lovely carpet has a small defect, doesn’t mean you have to abandon it. There are ways to fix these unsightly flaws to keep your rug looking new for much longer. However, when you decide to take up a DIY rug repair project, you need to ensure that the repair can be done at home. It is not too hard to learn how to repair a hole in a rug. However, you will have to determine if it is worth your time and effort. Sometimes, damages are irreversible. At others, beyond your capacity. Those are the times when seeking the help of a professional becomes imperative.

But then, there are also instances when knowing how to repair a hole in a rug can help prevent severe damage to the weave or the pile. Here, we have compiled step-by-step instructions for fixing three types of rugs at home- Oriental, wool and hand-hooked.

  1. How to Repair an Oriental Rug
  2. If the hole is not too big or worrisome, you can start with a simple oriental rug repair kit. The latter comes with guidelines on how to reverse the damage. However, if you feel that the foundation fiber is broken or the damage is caused by moths, bugs or rodents, taking the rugs to a reputed professional would be wiser.

  3. How to Repair A Wool Rug
  4. There are a couple of ideas you could try when you’re figuring out how to repair a wool rug. Please remember that these tricks would work only as a temporary solution. If you want to preserve your wool rugs for longer, take them to a wool rug cleaning and repair company as soon as possible. Relying on short-term solutions is not smart unless you are capable of weaving or knitting back the woolen foundation.

    1. The easiest solution when you are learning how to repair a hole in a rug made of wool is to stitch it up. But this would only work well if the hole isn’t too big. Simply place the edges of the hole together and sew up.
    2. You could fix the hole with some duct tape and hot glue. For additional support, use a piece of fabric matching the rug surface and put it on the bag.
  5. Tips for Hand Hooked Rug Repair

For hand hooked rugs, it takes a bit more patience and hard work to patch the holes. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Unhook the rug till you arrive at a healthy backing.

Step 2: Sew in a patch of fabric on the back.

Step 3: Tack the two layers of backing together, trimming away any loose threads.

Step 4: Re-hook the rug through both layers.

Hand Hooked Rug Repair

If you manage to do this tactfully, you will not be able to spot the repaired area once you lay the rug on the floor. Hand hooked rug repair is mostly required on the edges when they start to fray. The great part is that it is not hard to unhook the border and strengthen it with a patch. You can add a finishing touch with similar yarn to complete the hem.

Every time you feel the need to repair a rug with holes in it, the sooner you take action, the better. The holes or damage only worsen over time. Moreover, a beautifully made rug will not just wear more or sustain greater damage, but it will also begin to lose value. Seeking expert repairs at the first signs of damage is the best solution for all your rug problems.