Enjoy the Benefits of Professional Hand Woven Oriental Rug Cleaning
Enjoy the Benefits of Professional Gainesville Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our Specialists are here to provide you with Flawless Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Masters is the ONLY local choice for all your handmade rug needs. Whether you need specialized oriental rug cleaning, washing or repair, we offer the best methods and cutting-edge equipment to take care of it all. We provide you with the quality you expect and the customer service you deserve. Call us today!
Professional Hand Woven Oriental Rug Cleaning

Hand Knotted or Hand woven area rugs are sometimes known as Oriental rugs. However, to be considered an Oriental rug, the rug must be hand knotted only in Asia. These rugs are usually named after the village where they are woven, or the tribe that created them. There are dozens of authentic handmade area rugs from all over the world, and they require an expert to properly clean and repair them. With the right care and professional oriental rug cleaning, they will last a lifetime, and can be passed on for generations.

These rugs hold tremendous value- both monetary and sentimental. Don't trust just anyone with these priceless works of art- call the professionals at Area Rug Masters for the ideal oriental rug cleaning services! Our years of experience, ongoing training and expertise, combined with our cutting edge equipment and the latest technology makes us the best of the best!

Do you Know?
  • an 8x10 area rug can hold up to 75 pounds of debris
  • There are over 40 types of Persian rugs
  • Rugs are labeled depending on their age. They can be Antique (older than 70 years) Semi-Antique (20-70 years old) or Modern (less than 20 years old)
  • The most expensive rug ever sold was $33 million, a Persian rug sold by Sotheby's

The unique nature of these area rugs requires attention to detail at every stage of oriental rug cleaning services that you seek. The professionals need to possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the different fibers and cleaning products. Our technicians have been trained on the treatment, washing and drying processes specifically developed for these rugs.

As an independently owned and certified area rug cleaner, you can trust us with the care of your priceless heirlooms.

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The Area Rug Masters Difference- Why Choose Our Oriental Rug Cleaners?

It's just a rug- I can clean it myself, right?? Well... yes and no. While there are some tips and tricks you could use at home, these rugs are best cared for by expert oriental rug cleaners. Why take a chance on your beautiful investment piece? Leave it to the pro's at Area Rug Masters! These rugs are susceptible to discoloration, dye run and mildew damage if not treated correctly.

These rugs have a natural layer of protection because they're made from wool, which is durable and rich in lanolin. It's best to avoid DIY projects like:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Moth proofing
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You should keep in mind that oriental rugs have a natural layer of protection in the form of wool that is lustrous, durable and rich in lanolin. So, it is best to interfere as little as possible with these fabrics. You should, most certainly, avoid treatments like dry-cleaning, steam cleaning and moth proofing by yourself. Always call us for any stains, odors or residual problems you face. Our team can guide you better with oriental rug cleaning solutions and advice.

We also advise:

  • Cleaning with a non-electric sweeper for carpets with a lower pile.
  • Using a tumbling process for older or less sturdy rugs.
  • Professional hand washing or tumbling of oriental rugs every 5-6 years.
  • Using high quality pads under the oriental rugs when you spread them on the floor.
  • Prevention of prolonged and direct sun exposure.
  • Using furniture cups to prevent the crushing of the rug pile.
  • Guarding the rugs against rats and mice.
Your quality area rugs can last you a lifetime, as long as your oriental rug cleaners treat them with care. Regular maintenance, cleaning and damage repair are essential to prolonging the life of your investment. Your rugs will look and smell fresh and maintain their beauty for years to come!
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Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Company Solves All your Rug Cleaning Problems

The world-class services offered by our oriental rug cleaning company can help your oriental rugs last a lifetime. You can easily look for “oriental rug cleaning near me” or “advanced oriental rug cleaning services near me” online. But what matters is the experience and the quality of work that you get at similar oriental rug cleaning cost brackets. Besides, if you are looking for “oriental rug repairs near me”, our team has got you covered there as well. Let’s delve into the detailed advantages you can enjoy at our oriental rug cleaning company.
  • Your ROI Improves: Whether your rugs are an investment piece or a memento from an exotic vacation, getting them washed by our specialized oriental rug cleaners ensures improvement in their appearance and longevity.
  • You Enjoy Better Comfort: Oriental rug cleaning, as hinted earlier, does more than just improve the quality and hygiene of your rugs. Our oriental rug cleaning service also ensures that you don’t have to deal with allergens or bad odors anymore. With our thorough inspection and advanced processes, you can expect the best results ever.
  • You Enjoy a Multi-Faceted Cleaning Service: Our services are not just limited to superficial washing of your rugs. Our step-by-step process that includes a close inspection of your rugs, ensures that we take care of:
  • Odor Removal
  • Stain Removal
  • Residue-Free Drying
  • Complete Removal of Dirt, Allergens and Bacteria
The result is a healthier indoor environment and a cleaner vibe in your home that fills you with positivity and bliss at all times. Besides, clean oriental rugs also create a more welcoming and warm atmosphere without you having to put in any added efforts.
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Area Rug Masters is your #1 choice in Gainesville for all of your area rug services. We provide the highest quality of cleaning, washing and repair using the best methods & equipment.



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