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Handmade Persian Rug Cleaning
Persian rugs are truly a work of art for the floors. Often considered as family heirlooms, these rugs deserve to be treated with utmost care. That is why it is so vital to ensure that you place their upkeep and cleaning in the right hands. And we at Area Rug Masters promise you a team of professionals who excel at the art of Persian rug cleaning.

Get to Know your Persian Rugs Better!

Handmade Persian rugs are made of interwoven warps and wefts. Securing the weave in place, these form the foundation, pile and pattern of the rug. All of it lends these handwoven Persian rugs the exquisite appearance we cherish. And it is these intricacies that call for specialized Persian rug cleaning. The latter can even help preserve these beauties for a century!

Why Area Rug Masters?

As hinted earlier, we have an amazing team specializing in everything related to Persian rug cleaning.
  • No Acidic Rinse
    We will never subject these precious works of art to such atrocity.
  • No Harsh Treatments
    Our handling of these pieces is super gentle at all times.
  • Pre-Testing
    Before undertaking any Persian rug cleaning project, we test the fabric to know if our specialized cleaning products and methods are safe for your particular rugs!
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Enjoy All Advantages of Our Persian Rug Washing

It is great to refresh a rug cleaning methods that preserve its appearance. More importantly, when your rugs are properly sanitized, deodorized and healthy, it refreshes the interiors of your home/office as well. Specialized Persian rug washing ensures that the fibres are protected from abrasive particles and there is no risk of damage posed by dust that is deeply ingrained into the rug. At Area Rug Masters, we use the highest quality Persian rug washing processes using solutions that are gentle but effective at the same time.
  • Safe Products
    We only use products and methods that are specifically designed for Persian rug washing. These products are carefully selected for their ability to thoroughly clean high quality wool and natural dyes.
  • Preventing Color Runs
    Our entire Persian rug washing process is followed to preserve the color and weave of your valuable rugs. We make sure that the rug surface does not lose lustre nor beauty and their appearance stays pristine.
  • Devoted TLC
    We treat your Persian rugs with utmost caution, just like precious treasures. Our team of Persian rug washing experts ensure that your rugs receive all the tender, loving care that they deserve!
  • Special Stain Treatments
    Rugs accumulate stains from indoor mishaps as well as daily foot traffic. Irrespective of how careful you are, certain stains remain. But our team knows the perfect ways to get rid of such blemishes.
  • Gentle Dusting
    Our rug experts pay special heed to the process of dusting. Before the Persian rug washing begins, we ensure that loose layers of dust are taken off of the foundation weaves of your priceless rugs.
We understand the construction of Persian rugs and that is what enables us to get to the root of problems like strong odors and stubborn spots. The key is to treat every problem in a methodical, patient way so that the quality of the rugs is never compromised.
 Professional Persian Rug Cleaning
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The Importance of Professional Persian Rug Cleaning

No matter how wary you are, it is often not possible to clean area rugs by yourself. Besides, when it comes to certain kinds of residue or stubborn dust particles that are embedded into the layers of Persian rugs, regular home cleaning methods might not work well. Besides, when you turn to a professional who specializes in handling Persian rugs, they can identify any hidden damages well in advance and suggest repairs to prevent the same from spreading or becoming more evident. Professional Persian rug cleaning, therefore, is an imperative part of your area rug care routine.

The correct process of Persian rug cleaning and repair is very detailed and quite time consuming. So, naturally, you should only trust experts who have been doing this job for a long time now. It is the skill as well as the experience that matters in how well the results of your chosen professional Persian rug cleaning would turn out to be.

It all comes back to the very construction of these rugs and their delicate nature and the way dust, dirt or even neglect can cause damage to the warps and the wefts. You don’t want harsh cleaning or inappropriate washing methods to cause abrasions to the foundation of these artsy pieces. That is another reason why choosing a professional is crucial for every stage of Persian rug cleaning and repair.

The team at Area Rugs Masters has been taking care of handmade area rugs of all kinds for a long time. We also continue to educate ourselves about the upcoming techniques for the maintenance, cleaning and preservation of these rugs. All of it allows us to provide you with impeccable Persian rug cleaning services.

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Area Rug Masters is your #1 choice in Gainesville for all of your area rug services. We provide the highest quality of cleaning, washing and repair using the best methods & equipment.



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