July 28, 2020

Professional Cleaning Can Extend The Life of Your Area Rugs

Professional Cleaning

People often ask us how often they should have their area rugs cleaned. Having a professional cleaning, at the very least annually, on your rugs is very important. A dirty rug or carpet can have thousands of dust mites living in the dust. Not to mention, the pounds of soil can accumulate underneath and in it every year. Carpet and rugs can contain several indoor contaminates and promote the growth of mold in damp areas which often cause allergies. Because it can be a health hazard, it is important to always keep your home furnishings clean.

Dirt causes a lot of damage to rugs, it grates against the fibers, damaging them, wearing them out, and taking away the luster. Dirt trapped eventually goes down to the backing and deep within your rugs. High-traffic areas will look dull and faded compared to the rest of your home.

Show Some Love to Your Area Rugs

One major benefit of a professional rug cleaning service is that it helps extend the life of your furnishings. Removing this build-up of dirt and debris will help improve the longevity of the rugs. Furthermore, dust and other debris are more likely to adhere to a dirty rug or carpet than a clean one. Homeowners can also help decrease the build-up of debris in their area rugs and carpet between cleanings by vacuuming regularly.

By keeping your oriental rugs consistently maintained, you will be providing your family with a healthier environment. Having your furnishings professionally cleaned annually will help increase their appearance and longevity. It is a great time to have a professional cleaning to remove the dirt and debris that has settled into your home this season.

If it’s time to have your area rugs professionally cleaned, contact Area Rug Masters at (352) 448-5999 today! You can choose to drop your rugs off at our location, or, if you live within our service area, we can pick them up and drop them off to you when they are ready.