Rug Fringe Cleaning
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Professional Rug Fringe Cleaning to Enhance your Floor Appeal

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The fringe on your area rugs is a detail that shouldn't be overlooked. Yellow, brown or damaged fringe can be a sign of soil that may not be visible in other areas of your rug. Since fringe is lighter in color, it's usually the first place to show wear and tear. Keeping the fringe clean and free of tangles and fraying is an important part of the maintenance of your rug. And professional rug fringe cleaning can help with that immensely.

Our experts use specialized rug fringe cleaning methods to keep the fringe on your rugs bright and damage-free. Due to their delicate nature, patience and skill are required when treating these fibers. Our treatment process includes:

  • Inspection and pre-testing of the fringe health
  • Dry soil removal
  • Color testing
  • Nontoxic fringe-protection processes
  • Brushing and shampooing
  • Repair and restoration wherever needed
  • Rinsing
  • Grooming
  • Post-treatment inspection
  • Drying
  • Rolling
Our comprehensive rug fringe cleaning process removes even the most stubborn dirt and debris in a safely and thoroughly. You can trust us to treat your area rugs with patience, care and attention to detail.
  • Thorough Dusting
  • Deep Submersion Cleaning
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Cleaning and Repair of Fringe and How Our Rug Fringe Cleaners Can Help

As mentioned before, cleaning and repair of fringeis a complicated and intricate process. Care, consideration and caution should be taken in order to prevent some common problems. Prevention, Treatment and Restoration are important when dealing with fringe.
  • Prevention

    Follow manufacturer instructions when cleaning and treating fringe. Trust professional rug fringe cleaners who employ safe and effective methods to avoid absorbing stains and dyes.

  • Treatment

    Work with a professional rug fringe cleaning service to treat any ongoing issues with fringe. Discuss options and solutions to restore graying, dingy fringe.

  • Restoration

    Our trained rug fringe cleaners can diagnose and restore fringe in need of repair. With our area rug plant on site- we can treat, clean and repair your area rugs quickly and efficiently.

Rug fringes are prone to some damage with regular use. Their fiber content and loose ends usually make them susceptible to changes more than the rest of the rug. So, we are always extra careful with the way we handle the fringes of every rug that you trust us with. Our Persian rug fringe cleaning, for instance, shall not be the same as our silk rug fringe cleaning. Similarly, the quality, strength and other factors are also taken into account before we start any rug fringe cleaning process.

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Professional Rug Fringe Cleaning Service Benefits- Proper care and Maintenance Matters!

Your Area Rug lays directly on your floors, which makes them more susceptible to dirt, dust and damage. Rug fringe cleaning service and preventative maintenance is an essential part of protecting your investment. Not only does it prevent unravelling by preserving the integrity of the weave, it also gives us an opportunity to identify any unseen issues.
  • Your rug fringes are treated with the perfect cleaning solutions that are gentle yet effective.

  • Your rugs get a top to bottom cleanup that drastically improves their appearance.

  • Professionally cleaned fringes are less likely to be damaged. This boosts the rug’s longevity.

  • Damages caused by bleaches and oxidisers can be kept in check, protecting the fringes.

  • Properly cleaned and maintained fringes do not break easily.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have about your area rugs. We're happy to assist and offer guidance with any issues you may be having.
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