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Area Rug Repair

If you want your area rugs to continue looking awesome for many years, regular rug repair and maintenance is essential. And choosing the right area rug repair company is key to making your rugs stand the test of time. Regular maintenance and repair also ensures that you can continue to enjoy their splendour and intricate designs for a long time to come. We, at Area Rug Masters, believe that rug repair is more than just removing stains or patching up a small damaged spot. There are an array of services that fall under the category of area rug repair. You can read more about these services towards the end of this page.

Our team of area rug repair experts utilizes tried and effective techniques that are particularly designed for the type of rug you trust us with. From exotic patterns to family heirlooms, we can take care of and mend every kind of area rug that you may have.

We have delved into traditional rug cleaning and repair techniques to find out what works best and what is best recommended by specialists. At all times, we aim to preserve the beauty and strength of the rugs so that they can be restored to good health and continue to last for years.
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We Also Offer Specialized Fringe Repair for Area Rugs

Just like the ornate patterns that add value to area rugs, fringes too have an aesthetically pleasing role to play. And that is why, the upkeep of this rug element is equally important. Besides, the fringe lies directly on the floor. So, if it is damaged, it exposes the rest of the fabric to quicker wear and tear. Furthermore, specialized fringe repair is important because of the following reasons.
  • It is More Prone to Soiling

    As stated above, the fringe is usually more exposed and that makes it vulnerable too. Dirty and heavily soiled fringe can be detrimental to the overall look and health of the area rug.

  • It is More Prone to Knotting

    If you don’t pay attention to fringe repair, you will face the problem of knotting. This can happen because of shoes, dust, furniture, pets and the like. The only way to solve the problem is by letting a professional handle it to prevent further damage.

  • It Can Get Detached Easily

    Being more exposed, vulnerable and without being supported by additional layers like the rest of your rug, the fringe is fragile too. And that makes it easier to separate from the main fabric. Our team can take care of that by strengthening the fringe with our specialized services.

  • They are the Foundation Fibers of the Rug

    The fringe is basically an extension of the rug’s skeleton. So, if you allow the damage to be left unattended, you are risking it spreading to the rest of the fabric too. Eventually, the entire rug could begin to fall apart just because you did not take fringe repair seriously.

It is always a smart idea to call in the pros when things seem to be getting out of control. But it is even smarter when you call us as a preventive measure when the damage has not spread too much and the rug can still be saved without spending a lot.
Area Rug Repair Professional
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Get All Kinds of Area Rug Repair Services Under One Roof

We have been working in the area rug repair industry for years now. Our goal is to provide you with all kinds of area rug repair services under the sun. That way, you don’t have to worry about finding the right professional every time you need a specific kind of repair or restoration work for your rugs. You can call us any time and we shall take care of all your area rug problems. This also saves you from searching for “area rug repair services near me” every time.

Our team of rug specialists excel at the following kinds of area rug repair services.

  • Edge Serging
  • Area Rug Restoration
  • Pile Repair
  • Resizing
  • Side Repair
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Edge Binding
  • Rebinding
  • Patching
  • Re-Wearing
  • Stain Removal
  • Fringe Repair
  • Restoration of hand-woven rugs
  • Reweaving
  • Backing Repair
  • Dye Stripping
  • Fixing damages caused by fire or smoke

All of the above restoration and area rug repair services are designed to protect the beauty and durability of your rugs for years to come. Our area rug repair masters shall add such finesse to the job that the patching or repaired spots shall be very hard to detect.

We offer both hand and machine repair work depending on the type of rug you have. Our goal is to prevent the rugs from fraying and to give them a more finished look. Our specialists and rug restoration experts pick techniques and methods that are particularly meant for the type of rugs that we mend. Our choices are both aesthetically pleasing and economical so that you get the best value for your money.

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Area Rug Masters is your #1 choice in Gainesville for all of your area rug services. We provide the highest quality of cleaning, washing and repair using the best methods & equipment.



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