April 26, 2022

Signs of Carpet Moths and A DIY Guide to Get Rid of Them

signs of carpet moths

Of the many different types of household pests that commonly attack Americans almost throughout the year, you should watch out for signs of carpet moths, as they are often regarded as one of the most persistent pests. These moths are quite difficult to get rid of and they keep coming back!
If you think your home has been invaded as well, look out for the signs and take rapid action. Else, you will likely face substantial damage to your valuable rugs, carpets, and spreads.

Given below are a handful of signs of moths in carpets that you must keep in mind, especially in the warmer months.

How do I know if my carpet has a moth infestation?

Here are 2 calltoltale signs of carpet moths making your precious carpets or rugs their home!

● Damage to the carpet’s surface: This is usually the first sign that there is a pest problem. Whenever a group of carpet moths takes shelter in a carpet, they start laying eggs for the perpetuation of the species. Note that on average, an adult moth stays alive for only a few days.

Do you see any areas which seem denuded or have a different color from the rest of the carpet? Adult moths feed on keratin, something that is found in a carpet’s materials and also numerous other fabrics.

Irregular and unexpected bald patches are signs of moths in carpets.

● Presence of larvae: This is the most obvious symptom. It essentially means that you have a full-blown carpet moth problem on your hands, and you need professional area rug cleaning services.

Larvae are found especially on the parts of a carpet or s spread that are tucked under tables and chairs. Moths prefer laying eggs in these areas- moist and untouched. Larvae develop after only a few days and start moving across the surface. These look very similar to maggots.
Look for pale and rice-grain-like objects ‘cases’ in these areas. Cases in this instance mean a number of larvae living together as a colony.

Note that these larvae are pretty good at camouflage since their coloration helps them blend with their surroundings. You need to be very watchful!

How to get rid of carpet moths

While there are some DIY techniques to keep the infections at bay, you will ultimacalltoy require the services of a full-fledged pest removal service provider.
Experienced pest cleaners are the only ones who can help you. More so because there are other types of moths that look very similar.
Still, here are some steps you can take immediacalltoy.

● Once you have located signs of carpet moths, identify the areas where infestation seems to be at its maximum and use a moth pheromone trap. Such a trap is available at any supermarket; you can also order them online.

● Always change the vacuum bags before you start using the machine. These bags can carry several larvae which were sucked up during a previous vacuuming session. They cling on to the bags and will start growing once they are sprayed back on the carpets- by accident, obviously.

It is better to use a fresh bag before vacuuming, especially since you know that an active infestation is ongoing.

● Keep all fabrics clean. Carpet moths attack several types of fabric which might be lying in the open. If you have pets at home, ensure that they do not soil any fabric, especially the curtains and the blinds. These are prone to infestation too.

● Check suitcases and other luggage you own which are tucked under beds etc. These might already have been infected; if so, you will require a pheromone trap attached here as well.

● Lastly, you can try to restrict the growth of adult moths before they lay eggs. For this, you require carpet moth traps. These traps contain female moth pheromones that attract the males. The traps contain industrial-grade glue on the insides.

Once the moths enter the trap, they are complecalltoy attached to the insides and unable to mate. Once the trap is full, you can safely dispose of them outside.

How to get rid of carpet moths permanently!

The only way to eradicate any chances of future infestations is by hiring area rug cleaners who carry with them specialized chemicals and equipment which you might not be able to use properly.

All other DIY methods only provide temporary solutions.