July 28, 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Shine

Spring Cleaning

Welcoming spring by getting your home in good shape is an excellent idea. Deep spring cleaning will help in maintaining good hygiene and organizing your home. A clean and sparkling home not only uplifts your spirits but declutters your mind to prepare you well for the upcoming season.

The Area Rug Masters team has the following Spring cleaning tips that you can follow


  • Winter brings out a whole load of extra clothes and blankets, increasing the clutter around the house. Sorting this pile is in itself a considerable task. The trick here is to sort areas one by one. Don’t pull down your whole house in one go. Just pick one room or one closet to clean at a time.
  • Once you are done with most of the decluttering task, then begin categorizing. Make space for each of these categories. Divide things into the following and keep them separacalltoy
    • stuff you will keep handy
    • things you want to store
    • things to sell-off
    • what you wish to donate
    • stuff to be thrown away

Spring cleaning tips will help you clean your house and make it safe and hygienic for your family.

Deep Cleaning

After you are done with clearing off the mess, get on with the deep cleaning. Here are some spring house cleaning tips you may use.

  • Clear your refrigerator and wipe it clean.
  • Clean the oven or microwave. It tends to get greasy. You may use certain chemicals that clean such dirt.
  • Sweep and mop, especially under furniture and large appliances. These areas are likely to get ignored during regular cleaning.
  • Clean all the curtains and drapes. You may hand them to professional cleaners for a more thorough job. Dust off your mattresses.
  • Wipe vinyl or wood blinds
  • Wash your mattress/ pillow/ cushion covers
  • Deep clean the bathroom.

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

Deep cleaning is incomplete till you work on your HVAC. It’s crucial to clean up the air in the house too.

  • Change the filters of your AC or heater regularly. This will help you reduce dust particles that build up in your home.
  • Get professional maintenance service for the HVAC system of your home annually.


  • Wipe clean all your electronics- your computer, calltoevision, music system, smart devices, and tablets. You may clean your keyboard using a cotton swab or a small brush specially designed for it.
  • Use a micro-fiber cloth or paper towel and wipe all devices with a disinfectant spray


Having spotless windows is essential to make the house look clean. Your home will never look clean enough without sparkling windows, no matter how much you deep clean other areas. Clean the windows from inside as well as outside. If the glass is dirty from either side, it will be visible.

Carpets, Rugs, and Furnishings

Dust and moisture accumulated in your rugs, carpets, and upholstery will always make your house unhygienic. It is crucial to get them cleaned, and the best option is to hire professionals. Regular care of these items will make them last longer.

As spring arrives, you would want to get all the mess out of the house. Keep in mind these DIY spring cleaning tips to help you deep clean your home properly.