September 30, 2021

Some Useful Tips on How to Clean a Persian Rug

Persian rug cleaning tips

There’s something about a Persian rug that makes it add character to a plain room. Intricate geometric and floral patterns handcrafted into a work of art are enough to create a centerpiece for a modern home. However, its beauty comes with the challenge of knowing how to clean a Persian rug.

Considering that your rug may contain sensitive threads and colors, you should be mindful of the cleaning method you use. Here are some tips on how to clean a Persian rug by hand.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re wondering how to clean a Persian rug by hand, you may not know that you can use solutions found around the house. One of the easiest ways to remove surface dirt is to use your reliable home vacuum cleaner.

It only takes a few minutes to run your vacuum cleaner over your area rug several times. This will eliminate solid dirt and even micro dust particles, depending on your vacuum’s suction power.

When using a vacuum, turn off the beater bar to prevent it from grabbing your rug’s loose fibers. Another tip: flip your Persian rug over to clean the reverse side.

Get a Straw Broom and a Dust Pan

Another way to clean a Persian rug is to use a soft broom, preferably one with straw bristles that will be gentle on the threads. Do a single sweeping action from one end to another instead of a back-and-forth motion, which can damage the rug. As sweeping removes the dust and other solid matter, it also plumps up the fibers to make them feel new.

Take the Rug Outside to Shake the Dust Off

This task may require some help if your area rug is quite large. Start on a narrow side of the Persian rug and carefully roll it until you reach the other end. Carry it outside and unroll it. Hold one of the wider sides and shake the dust away from your area rug.

Some owners choose to beat their rugs to shake off more of the dirt that is embedded into the fibers. However, we do not recommend this since this can wear your rug down.

DIY Deep Cleaning

Many area rugs can be washed, but only if you know the proper way how to clean a Persian rug by hand. Deep-seated dirt, which was not removed by shaking, sweeping, or vacuuming, can be washed off with water. Before you do this, we recommend that you check the rug’s label for warnings, especially concerning colorfastness.

Once your rug is outside, use your garden hose to spray both sides with cold water. In a bucket, mix some rug shampoo with water. With a non-shedding sponge or a soft brush, rinse the rug gently using the cleaning solution while following the direction of the fibers. Spray cold water to rinse the lather and leave your Persian rug outside to dry.

Clean a Persian Rug Using Homemade Solutions

If you need help in cleaning your Persian rug, particularly with minor stains and odors, you can turn to homemade cleaning products before hiring a professional cleaner.


If you’re wondering how to clean a Persian wool rug, some baking soda from your local grocery store will do the trick. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the rug stains and let it stay for a few minutes. Do not rub it in. Then, simply vacuum it up, just like in the first tip.

Another way to remove stains is to use white vinegar that is diluted with warm water. Dip a sponge or a towel into the solution, wring it out, and apply directly on the stain. Allow to sit for several minutes, remove, and let the area dry.

Level up your homemade solutions by combining baking soda with vinegar. In a small bowl, mix some baking soda with vinegar. Apply this on the stain and let it sit for several minutes to an hour. Using a sponge, gently dab water or dishwashing detergent to complecalltoy remove the stain.


Lemon rinse can do wonders to your Persian rug’s stubborn odors. Squeeze half of a lemon on the surface of the rug while paying more attention to the dirtier portions. Leave that on for about an hour, then use dishwashing soap and water solution to dab the surface.

Dabbing with vinegar + detergent + water solution also helps get rid of the musty smell. Another way is to sprinkle talcum powder on the dry rug. Leave the powder overnight.

Can You Steam Clean a Persian Rug?

“Can you steam clean a Persian rug?” is a common question we get asked. Our short answer is “no.” We don’t recommend it because steam can cause damage to the fibers and the pigments. If you reached the point where you asked this question while wondering how to clean a Persian wool rug, you’re likely dealing with tough dirt, stains, and odors that only professionals should handle.

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