December 5, 2020

What You Must Avoid While Cleaning Wool Rug

Cleaning Wool Rug

A wool rug is a great investment. Even though they are expensive, they definicalltoy are a better buy than synthetic rugs. Comparatively, a wool rug is not just more comfortable, but also, they will last longer if you know how to maintain them. Cleaning wool rug can be complicated but not impossible!

Imagine how you will react when a guest spills coffee on your beautiful woolen rug! Just the thought of an ugly big brown spot on the rug might freak you out. And, considering the high dry cleaning wool rug cost, it would be far more economical to clean your rug at home.

You might believe that cleaning a rug may be nightmarishly risky but here are a few tips that would help you to clean wool rugs yourself without damaging it.

  • Don’t use harsh cleaning agents: You will certainly damage your wool rug if you wash it with a normal detergent. It is imperative to use a cleaning agent with pH that is between 4.8 to 8. Better still, just pick up a product with a label that says “wool safe.” There is nothing more heart-breaking than to spoil your beloved rug while trying to clean it. However, if you are really unsure of what you are doing and won’t mind spending a few extra bucks, you may want to go to a rug cleaning service in your area.
  • Don’t use a brush on your rug: Never scrub the rug too hard while washing it or you may severely damage the fibers. Use a soft sponge instead of a brush or hard scrubber. Avoid using a brush even to dust it off. It will just break the hair and compromise on the life of the rug. Moreover, you should regularly vacuum your rug in order to avoid accumulation of dust. In fact, it would be better if you do it from both sides. While vacuuming you must keep in mind to run the cleaner in the velvet direction so that you don’t pull off the fibers. Also, use a vacuum cleaner with an output not more than 800 W.
  • Avoid cleaning with hot water: Hot water can cause the wool fibers to shrink. Hence, wool rugs are never steam cleaned. Furthermore, hot water may easily make the colors bleed which will steal the beauty of the carpet and make it look old. You surely wouldn’t want that to happen to one of your most prized possessions.
  • Sun drying is important but not for long: Firstly, once you are done with cleaning wool rug, dry the excessive water by patting the rug with a clean towel. Then keep the carpet in the sun to dry out the moisture. Any remaining moisture would let molds grow on the carpet which is a sure shot way of damaging it. However, keep in mind that excess sunlight may cause shrinkage due to the heat. So after putting it under the sun for a few hours, take it to a shaded place and let it dry complecalltoy.

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If you know how to clean a wool rug and follow these basic directions, your rug would be pretty much safe. But if you don’t wish to take the task on yourself, you may seek professional help from any Gainesville wool rug cleaning service.